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PPC Supplier Registration Report

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1 1157 Apparel Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1110 Jamaica Goods and Services Manufacture and Supply of Textile and Garment Products
2 2F Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1491 Jamaica Goods and Services Industrial Plastic Products Hotel, Restaurant & Hospital Equipment & Supplies Electrical Equipment, Parts & Supplies General Supplies Electronic Equipment, Parts & Supplies Electrical & Energy Saving Products & Supplies Industrial Pipes & Fittings Promotional Items Industrial Concrete Products Agricultural Tools, Equipment Parts & Supplies Electrical Appliances & Tools Industrial, Construction Equipment, Machinery, Parts & Supplies
3 3M Interamerica Inc. PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1603 United States Goods and Services Electrical Equipment, Parts & Supplies Medical, Equipment and Supplies Audio Visual Goods Computers, Computer Equipment, Parts & Supplies Safety Products General Supplies Stationery Supplies
4 A2F Consulting LLC PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1620 United States Goods and Services Computers, Computer Equipment, Parts & Supplies Information Technology Services
5 A.A. Laquis (Jamaica) Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1123 Jamaica Goods and Services Medical, Equipment and Supplies
6 A.A. Laquis (Trinidad) Limited PPCREG-GSVC-001984 Trinidad and Tobago Goods and Services Medical, Equipment and Supplies
7 Abetter Commercial Enterprise Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1776 Jamaica Goods and Services Electrical & Energy Saving Products & Supplies
8 AC BUILDING MAINTENANCE SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED PPCREG-WK14-OFFLINE-1129 Jamaica Works 1-4 Interior Construction Works - 4 Painting and Decorative Finishes - 4 Landscaping - 4 Building Maintenance - 4 Electrical Works - 4
9 Accentuate Technology Solutions Company Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1085 Jamaica Goods and Services Information Technology Services
10 Accupower Jamaica Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1582 Jamaica Goods and Services Computers and Related Services Information Technology Services Electrical Appliances & Tools Electrical Equipment, Parts & Supplies