e-Catalogues Management

The e-Catalogue Management is part of the Jamaican e-Procurement System (GOJEP) which is available for use by all Jamaican public sector bodies.

The system is based on the ePPS platform of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS S.A.

Buyer services

e-Catalogue Management offers a standard and compliant environment for the management of electronic catalogues that are part of national, sectoral or local contracts. It will support and enable increased compliance to contracts, drive out contract management information and allow suppliers and procurement teams to easily manage, approve and distribute content to public sector bodies through one central electronic repository.

  • For public sector procurement teams, e-Catalogue Management provides validation, approval and publication workflow to ensure that catalogues are accurate and valid.
  • For public sector requisitioners, e-Catalogue Management provides the functionality to create shopping baskets for approval and transmission to suppliers.

Supplier services

For suppliers, e-Catalogue Management provides a catalogue creation tool that enables the upload of catalogues for approval by public sector procurement teams. Suppliers can also self-serve and make amendments to current catalogues.