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1 MEDICAL PLUS LIMITED PPCREG-GSVC-001022 Jamaica Goods and Services Medical, Equipment and Supplies
2 C.B. Safety Enterprises Limited PPCREG-GSVC-001032 Jamaica Goods and Services Safety Products Safety and Security Services - Fire Safety Products and Equipment - Installation and Service
3 Viomark Trading PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1034 Jamaica Goods and Services Stationery Supplies Janitorial, Sanitation Supplies
4 TWILIGHT ALL AMERICAN CLEANERS LIMITED PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1035 Jamaica Goods and Services Janitorial, Sanitation Services Carpets, Blinds, Drapery, Soft Furnishings and related items Janitorial, Sanitation Services - Street sweeping, drain cleaning and bushing General Services Carpentry & Joinery Supplies General Supplies Renewable Energy Systems Pesticide Control Services Janitorial, Sanitation Supplies Safety and Security Services – other Safety Products
5 Worldwide Technology Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1036 Jamaica Goods and Services Information Technology Services Computers, Computer Equipment, Parts & Supplies Computers and Related Services
6 Sheldon's Disposal Company Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1039 Jamaica Goods and Services Transportation and Haulage - Garbage Collection and Disposal
7 Danem Engineers Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1040 Jamaica Goods and Services Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, equipment parts and supplies Industrial, Construction Equipment, Machinery, Parts & Supplies Electrical Appliances & Tools Hardware and Haberdashery Electrical Equipment, Parts & Supplies Electrical & Energy Saving Products & Supplies General Supplies
8 CESCO LIMITED PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1043 Jamaica Goods and Services Photovoltaic and Wind Powered Systems Design Electrical Equipment, Parts & Supplies Electrical & Energy Saving Products & Supplies Renewable Energy Systems Hardware and Haberdashery
9 WSTBZ Consulting Limited PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1044 Jamaica Goods and Services Computers and Related Services Computers, Computer Equipment, Parts & Supplies Information Technology Services
10 The Book Merchant PPCREG-GSVC-OFFLINE-1045 Jamaica Goods and Services Books - Approved Textbooks Educational - Toys and Equipment