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Competition: Design and Consultancy Services for the Upgrade of Public Beaches for TEF
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Name of procuring entity:
Tourism Enhancement Fund
Design and Consultancy Services for the Upgrade of Public Beaches for TEF
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Evaluation Mechanism:
Design Consultancy Services are being sought in relation to conducting an assessment of the existing property and determine: the suitable architectural and engineering designs to adequately enable the use of the property(s) as a public beach park. Meeting with the project stakeholders to discuss the proposed project, goals, scope of works mentioned in the Bidding Documents, and desired outcomes. Preparing and documenting finding from assessments for review of the client. Assessing the current drainage pattern of the property and its surrounding environment. Prepare beach erosion mitigation assessment and designs. Develop and prepare concept drawings in 2D and 3D formats. Prepare working drawings to include; Architectural, Civil/Structural, Mechanical and Electrical. Prepare and submit documents and secure all statutory approvals. Prepare detailed bills of quantities for input in GoJ Standard bidding Documents. Prepare a project schedule with cash flow projections. Contract Administration and Construction Supervision, for the following; Lot 1: Winnifred Beach - Portland Lot 2: Paggee Beach – St. Mary Lot 3: Success Beach – St. James
Procurement Type:
Services sub-type:
Procurement Method:
Open - NCB
Re-Tender flag:
Original Tender
PPC-NCC Categories:
S0130-Consulting Services - General
Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) :
71540000-Construction management services
71221000-Architectural services for buildings
71222000-Architectural services for outdoor areas
71242000-Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
71243000-Draft plans (systems and integration)
71240000-Architectural, engineering and planning services
71251000-Architectural and building-surveying services
71311000-Civil engineering consultancy services
71311300-Infrastructure works consultancy services
71312000-Structural engineering consultancy services
71321000-Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
71321300-Plumbing consultancy services
71322100-Quantity surveying services for civil engineering works
71324000-Quantity surveying services
71520000-Construction supervision services
71530000-Construction consultancy services
Procurement Technique:
Number of stages:
Framework Agreement Establishment:
Funding Source:
Government of Jamaica
Special and Differential Treatment (SDT):
No Special & Differential Treatment
Project reference number:
Country of contract performance:
Non-petroleum indicator:
Original deadline for bid submission:
24/02/2021 14:00 UTC-5
Deadline for bid submission:
24/02/2021 14:00 UTC-5
End of clarification period:
09/02/2021 16:00 UTC-5
Bid opening date:
24/02/2021 14:15 UTC-5
Site Visit - Bidders Conference Date:
27/01/2021 09:00 UTC-5
Contract awarded in Lots:
Number of lots :
Lot Name(1)
Winnifred Beach - Portland
Lot Name(2)
Paggee Beach - St. Mary
Lot Name(3)
Success Beach - St. James
Bids for lots:
One or more lots
PE audit of competition correspondence:
Planned Evaluation End date:
26/02/2021 10:00 UTC-5
Planned Contract Award date:
31/03/2021 10:00 UTC-5
Date of Publication/Invitation:
11/01/2021 13:25 UTC-5